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Things you need to know about Pressing


  • • Pressing alters the chemistry and taste of the powder in a positive way; it also helps the burning characteristics (makes the produced material burn more evenly when smoked).

  • • If you do it properly, it also makes the powder easier to transport (if dealing with large quantities) and allows the material to be stored for long periods (several years if stored in a dark, cold, airtight environment).

  • • Pressing ruptures the resin glands and warms the resin. This enhances the distinctive taste of quality material. If you've gone through the trouble of collecting the powder, you should press it.

  • • Prior to pressing, the powder must be dry. This is usually only a problem with water extraction method. If the material is not dry prior to pressing, moisture will be trapped inside. This will mean it won't press properly, it can also cause mold to develop and destroy the material.

    • To minimize degradation of flavor, potency over time you should always press the powder. Then put the resulting material in a dark, airtight container and store it in a freezer or some other cool place. Under the best of conditions it will last about 5 years.