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TrimPro Rotor - Leather or rubber straps?


Just got my TrimPro Rotor in the mail. I am wondering if anyone knows what the difference is between using the leather and rubber straps?


The Rotor is not the only trimmer with fingers that is on the market.


Every other finger based system uses rubber fingers.


While putting our touch of quality in this design we decided to use a system of leather fingers:


1- because rubber has a distinct smell to it. We do not want that smell on the flowers.


2- rubber is a material you cannot upkeep; it tends to dry and crack and is then useless.


We figured we would use leather because it is much more supple than rubber and it does not have the smell.


We treat the leather with vegetable oil to keep it supple and minimize build up on the straps (there tends to be a good amount of build up on rubber, especially in cracks)


When the leather straps start to get dry and rigid, all you have to do is soak them overnight in vegetable oil and then strain them out.


At first we could not decide if we would put rubber or leather, we decided to give them both to all the people who tested out our machine before we put it on the market.


It turned out that 80% preferred the leather straps. With our desire to keep clients satisfied, we decided to give both in the box as to not alienate the 20% who seemed to prefer rubber.


So we install leather straps on the machine but also include a set of rubber straps in the box if the customer wants to change them.


Hope this helps!